Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sign up?

The templates from our CV Generator are eye-catching, showcasing your strong points to a employer. Also, users of our CV Generator are open to a world of prizes through our numerous giveaways! Click here to see the giveaways.

What is exciting about CVG 3.0?

A lot! It packs a lot of features, alongside a beautiful and stunning user interface. It is also very affordable with specialized CV options.
You get to choose from multiple layouts.
Generate multiple CVs for different job roles.
It's user friendly and easy.
Visit the website to see for yourself

How many CVs can I generate?

As many as you like to, depending on your CV Units.

Which payment options are available?

We have several options. Below are some of them:

  • Basic - 2 Units (₦1,500)
  • Standard - 4 Units (₦2,800)
  • Professional - 6 Units (₦3,800)
  • Premium - 8 Units (₦4,999)

Please click here to view them.