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Photo A Man Spraying His Plants And Flowers Black And White


Photo A Man Spraying His Plants And Flowers Black And White


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Photo A Man Spraying His Plants And Flowers Black And White

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The NYPD identified Frank James, 62, (left) late Tuesday as a person of interest in the shooting on a packed subway train during the morning rush hour after linking him to an abandoned U-Haul van (center) found in Brooklyn. The van was rented by James in Philadelphia, police officials said. The gunman wore a gas mask and orange construction vest before shooting at least eight people on a train in Sunset Park. Shortly before 8.30am, the gunman is believed to have thrown a smoke bomb into a northbound N train at the 36th Street Station in Brooklyn, and started shooting as the doors of the train closed (right). Eight people were shot, including one who is now in a serious condition but fire department sources say 13 in total were injured. The terrified passengers were then trapped until they reached 36th Street, the next stop along. Video shows them spilling out onto the platform as soon as the doors opened. Some passengers carried wounded victims off the train and lay them on the platform to render aid until help came. Others, fearing for their life, ran away in tears. Multiple undetonated devices were found at the 36th Street station, according to the FDNY, but the NYPD says none are active - all were smoke devices.

Sherri Papini, 39, the California 'super mom' accused of orchestrating her own kidnapping in November 2016 has signed a plea deal admitting she made the whole thing up. Papini, was facing up to 25 years if convicted of the charges of making false statements to a federal law enforcement officer and mail fraud. She signed the agreement on Tuesday in which she will plead guilty. Papini faces a maximum of five years behind bars on the count of making false statements and 20 years for the mail fraud charge. 'I am deeply ashamed of myself for my behavior and so sorry for the pain I've caused my family, my friends, because of my story,' she said in a statement. The mom-of-two had told cops she spent two weeks in captivity, beaten and starved by Hispanic women. She reappeared after her 'kidnap' weeks later and went home to her husband. It's believed she had spent her time 'missing' at the home of an ex-boyfriend.

Traditionally, the Dutch royal family hosts stays of foreign royals, but a spokesperson has confirmed no such olive branch will be extended to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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President Joe Biden on Tuesday seemed to accuse Vladimir Putin of committing 'genocide' in the Ukraine afer his administration officials have been careful not to use that word.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sued by Twitter shareholder Marc Bain Rasella for failing to disclose his stake which he claims kept the share price down allowing Musk to buy at a lower price.

Jeffrey Obumseli says OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney, 25, has not been charged with the death of his brother Christian 'Toby' Obumseli, 27, because of her 'privilege' and not her self-defense claim.

Chris Stanley, who was on his way back from dropping off his daughter at the Fort Lauderdale airport, says he was so shocked that he called 911.

Frank James, the sole person of interest so far in the Brooklyn subway shooting, had posted over 450 videos to YouTube in the last three years, filled with conspiracy theories and grievances. His expletive-filled videos feature him ranting about the state of the world as he sees it; airing his grievances; threatening to 'kill everything in sight' and sharing conspiracy theories - such as claiming that the Twin Towers could never have been brought down on 9/11 by planes. He references psychiatric facilities he has attended in the Bronx and in New Jersey, saying the staff failed to help him and 'made me more dangerous'. 'Mr. Mayor, I'm a victim of your mental health program,' James said in one lengthy video. 'I'm 63 now full of hate, full of anger, and full of bitterness.'

'Read the room!' Mayor Adams office is slammed for sharing video of a subway train with the caption 'greatest city in the world' just hours after 10 people were shot at Brooklyn station

The NYC Mayor's Office posted a video a 6 train pulling into an unknown station just 13 hours after the Brooklyn shooting. The Office captioned the tone-deaf video, calling it the 'greatest city in the world.' Critics slammed the tweet, telling them to 'read the room' and saying it's 'maybe not the best day for a subway post.' One user wrote on Twitter: 'Last thing I wanna see is a subway train on my feed. Poor taste. Love to see my taxes NOT at work,' while another wrote: 'Why did you post this today?' A shooter fired 33 rounds on a train car around 8.30am on Tuesday, shooting 10 and injuring 13. The NYPD have announced named a person of interest as Frank James, 62, and is looking to speak with him.

South Dakota attorney general Jason Ravnsborg was impeached Tuesday for a 2020 car crash where he killed a man in a hit-and-run but told police he thought he'd hit a deer.

A DC judge is denying federal prosecutors motion to detain the two men impersonating federal agents because he says he isn't convinced that there are links to Pakistan intelligence

Johnny Depp gets emotional as his sister testifies how their abusive mother taunted him with cruel nickname 'One Eye' - and tells how Amber Heard called him 'old, fat man' when Dior offered him a modeling gig 

Johnny Depp's sister Christi Dembrowski, 61, took the stand in his defamation trial and described their troubled childhood. She was called by Depp's team to testify and told the jury about their upbringing in Kentucky. 'Father was a kind, patient, loving, gentle man. Our mom was the opposite, very high strung, very nervous, anxiety, angry,' she said.Depp at times looked to the floor as his sister spoke. He appeared to be deeply moved as his older sister recounted their childhood together. Asked what Heard would say about Depp's physical appearance, Dembrowski said she would call him 'an old, fat man'.

Relatives of 19-year-old Bowen Turner's (left) victims said he was merely given a slap on the wrist by Orangeburg County Judge Markley Dennis (bottom right). Turner, initially charged with sexual misconduct, entered a plea deal with the prosecution on Friday and was convicted of assault and battery, and handed probation. Because he was a juvenile at the time he attacked Bess, Turner will not have to register as a sex offender, unless he commits another assault within five years. At the time he attacked Bess, Turner was on bond for allegedly raping and beating 18-year-old Dallas Hayer Stoller in October 2018. Bamberg County dismissed the first-degree sexual assault and battery charges against Turner in connection to Stoller's claims, following her death in December. A third victim in Calhoun County also brought up rape claims against Turner, but SC Law Enforcement Division did not proceed with criminal charges.

10PcsPaper Urinal Toilet Women Urination Device Funnel Outside S

A bird appeared to relieve itself on President Biden's lapel Tuesday while he unveiled plans to trim gas prices by about 10 cents a gallon as US inflation hits a 41-year high. Biden spoke about putting 'rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that's made in America' when a white, powdery substance fell on his jacket - right above his American flag pin. The unfortunate incident took place inside what Biden jokingly referred to as a 'giant barn' at a POET bioprocessing center in Menlo, Iowa. A White House official said it was 'corn,' but jokes about the possible bird droppings rolled in almost immediately across social media. 'Even the birds know Biden is full of s***,' one Twitter user wrote. Said another: 'Move over Pence fly. It's Biden shoulder bird poop,' referring to when a fly lingered on former Vice President Mike Pence's head during a debate with Kamala Harris. At the speech, Biden unveiled a plan to extend the availability of E15, a gasoline that uses a 15 percent ethanol blend, from June 1 to September 15. The fuel, which is slightly cheaper than the E10 blend sold year-round, is banned in the summer due to its volatility in the heat and during peak travel months. There is also some concern that E15 contributes to smog, but renewable fuel advocates dispute this claim.

'How could a plan that kills thousands of troops in a month come about?' Zelensky mocks Putin's claims war is going 'to plan' and demands West acts NOW to prevent chemical weapon use after US said there is 'credible evidence' they could be unleashed

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky mocked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin's claims the war was going 'to plan', asking how a plan that saw tens of thousands of troops being killed in a month could have been approved. Speaking from Kyiv in a video posted to social media, Zelensky also repeated calls for the West to step in now and prevent the use of chemical weapons on Ukrainian soil, saying any deployment of them would be 'a humiliation for the democratic world'. The address, posted early Wednesday morning in Ukraine, saw him address Putin's suggestion the day before that Russia would achieve all of its 'noble' aims and 'rhythmically and calmly' continue what it calls a special operation.

As the Pentagon meets with top arms suppliers, President Joe Biden is expected to announce an additional $750 million in weapons shipments to Ukraine on Wednesday, according to ABC.

'It's become clearer and clearer that Putin is trying to wipe out the idea of being Ukrainian,' Biden told reporters on Tuesday afternoon before boarding Air Force One in Iowa.

Russian woman is overheard giving her soldier partner permission to RAPE locals in Ukraine in intercepted phonecall - telling him 'use protection and don't tell me' 

The shocking 30-second audio clip was posted to the telegram channel of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on Tuesday. 'Wives of Russian aggressors call on their husbands to rape Ukrainian women,' the agency wrote on Telegram, along with the clip. 'This shocking interception by the SBU reflects the moral values ​​not only of the occupiers but also of their relatives, 80% of whom now support the war in Ukraine,' the agency wrote on Telegram,' it claimed. The audio record opens with the blue and yellow title: 'SECURITY SERVICE INTERCEPT: Wives of Russian invaders allow their men to rape Ukrainian women.'

Long-time character actor Gilbert Gottfried has died at the age of 67, it was announced on Tuesday on his Twitter account. His family posted a personal, heartfelt message to announce he passed after a 'long illness,' it was shared. 'We are heartbroken to announce the passing of our beloved Gilbert Gottfried after a long illness,' his family shared. Gottfried, known to generations of TV and movie fans for his many roles including on SNL and as the voice of loud-mouthed, sarcastic Iago the parrot in Disney’s 1992 animated movie Aladdin. Gottfried is pictured, bottom right, in a photo he posted to social media earlier this year with fellow comedians Louie Anderson, bottom center, and Bob Saget, bottom left, who both passed away in January. Stand-up comedian and Coming To America fan favorite Louie Anderson, who passed away aged 68 in Las Vegas in January after being hospitalized for lymphoma. Full House star Bob Saget also died in January after a stand-up gig in Florida.

Vintage Gorham Chantilly Silverplate EP Covered Butter Dish w/ G

Robert, a third grader at East Orange Community Charter School in New Jersey swallowed a bottle top after taking it off with his teeth. Nine-year-old tried to get over to the classroom sink but couldn't make it. He ran over to his teacher, Ms Jenkins who performed Heimlich on him. The youngster has been a student at the school for the last four years.

More than a dozen LA gangs are sending out crews to target the city's wealthiest residents: Thieves steal designer handbags, diamond-studded watches and other high-value items then sell them to black-market buyers

A group of at least 17 gangs are responsible for the city's recent string of 'follow-home' robberies, cops said Tuesday, during a brief discussing the department's work to put an end to the attacks. In November, a division designed to combat the robberies - Follow Home Robbery Task Force - which has seen armed suspects stalk victims leaving ritzy boutiques, hotels, and restaurants before striking, was formed. The force - which includes 18 detectives - was created on November 23. Since then, a total of 221 follow-home robberies have been reported - such as the one pictured, in Downtown Los Angeles in October - with a further 45 coming before the task force's creation. During Tuesday's brief, cops from the city-formed unit criticized local laws that saw two suspects the task force arrested in the past month put back on the street while awaiting trial.

Davon Ray Morgan, 38, is believed to be responsible for the attacks on letter carriers, but Santa Monica police are powerless to keep him behind bars because of pandemic restrictions on cash bail

Sparking the inter-party disarray was House Majority PAC's rollout of a $1M ad buy for Carrick Flynn, a first-time candidate backed by cryptocurrency interests.

Shocking moment furious DOLPHIN attacks trainer in front of horrified families at Miami Seaquarium

A spectator captured the moment a dolphin at the Miami Seaquarium went rogue, diverting from its choreography to attack its trainer on Saturday and horrifying the audience. Sundance, a 23-year-old dolphin who has lived at the Seaquarium his entire life, turned violent in front of young children and families during the Flipper show. In footage posted to TikTok by photographer Shannon Carpenter, the dolphin can be seen lunging at a trainer swimming in the water. Two other performers, one on a surfboard, race out of the pool as the animal lunges two more times, pushing the woman back as she tries to swim to the pool's edge. The audience can be heard breathing a sigh of relief as the trainer pulls herself from the water, doubling over her knees and visibly shaken. Another trainer can be seen kneeling down next to her. 'You could tell she was in some type of pain,' Carpenter told WPLG Local 10 . 'The kids were cheering and thinking this was neat. You could tell the adults knew something was wrong.' The trainer was picked up by an ambulance and brought to an area hospital after the attack, the outlet reported.

Wild video shows box truck slam into Minnesota overpass railing and burst into flames after being hit by an out-of-control car

Police released footage this afternoon of the harrowing moment when a box truck slammed into a Minnesota overpass railing and burst into flames after an out-of-control car collided with it on Monday. The accident occurred around on Highway 10 near Spring Lake Park, a suburb north of Minneapolis. The video shows a white car skidding out of control up an onramp, before flying over the median and colliding with the front right fender of a large white box truck.

Flames shoot high into the sky and smoke blankets US-101 highway as under construction Southern California hotel is engulfed by fire

Firefighters were battling a massive fire on Tuesday evening in Camarillo. Ventura County Fire officials say the blaze began on the second floor of a four-story hotel that was currently under construction. The fire which saw plumes of smoke and flames engulfing the building led to the closure of Highway 101 as crews battled the fire which was put out by 9pm.

American Airlines passenger who was duct-taped to her seat with her mouth sealed shut after she tried to open plane door and headbutted and spit at crew is hit with $82,000 fine - the FAA's largest to date

A woman who was duct-taped to her seat on an American Airlines flight last year after she allegedly attacked the crew and tried to open the cabin door has been issued a record fine of $81,950. The Federal Aviation Administration announced the hefty fine on Friday along with a slew of other penalties. The unidentified woman was aboard an overnight flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte last July when the FAA says she threatened to hurt a flight attendant after falling into the aisle, according to the Charlotte Observer. She then tried to push the flight attendant aside and open the cabin door. A since-deleted TikTok video shows the woman restrained to what looks to be a first class window seat with her mouth and torso wrapped in grey duct tape. She was taken to the hospital for an evaluation after the flight landed in Charlotte. The FAA has seen a steep rise in 'unruly passengers' since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency initiated 1,099 investigation last year, up from 183 in 2020 and 146 in 2019 (inset). Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg warned passengers not to be 'jerks' during an appearance on The View on Friday before the fine was announced.

Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin, Ohio is struggling to survive after Oberlin College students and faculty member Meredith Raimondo accused its staff of racism. The school was found guilty of fueling student protests against Gibson's Bakery after a white employee accosted a black shoplifter in 2016. Though the shoplifter later pleaded guilty, administrators such as Meredith Raimondo distributed fliers accusing the bakery of a history of racism. The protests led directly to a significant loss in business for Gibson's Bakery, including a long-term contract with the college itself. Despite the allegations being proven false, students continue to boycott. The family's attorney said Gibson's was forced to cut staff. The 137 year-old bakery is also struggling to survive in the small town amid its tarnished reputation. Owner Allyn Gibson and his son, David Gibson, dedicated their lives to restoring the family's legacy and keeping the bakery alive. Both men have since passed while the family awaits a $33million settlement from Oberlin College, which the school admittedly refuses to pay.

The new data show Americans are being hit hardest at the pump, with the price of gasoline soaring by 49 percent. It's part of a global trend of soaring fuel costs after Russia's invasion of Ukraine plunged the global energy supply chain into chaos. Tuesday's inflation report is the first to capture the full picture of Vladimir Putin's impact on the U.S. economy after he ordered his brutal attack on February 24. President Joe Biden frequently points out the Russian autocrat's role in Americans' financial hardship, dubbing it 'Putin's price hike.'

The Labor Department said on Tuesday that the consumer price index increased 1.2 percent in March from the month before, for a 8.5 percent gain from a year ago.

Inflation in the US has reached the highest level since 1981, prompting flashbacks to an era in which President Ronald Reagan had just taken office on a campaign vow to rein in soaring prices.

Biden will unveil plans to extend the availability of E15 gasoline to curb soaring fuel costs. The plan will coincide with March's consumer price index report, expected to show massive inflation

The working paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) assessed all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on three variables: the economy, education policy, and mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic. Utah, led by Republican Governor Stephen Cox (top right), performed well in all three categories and ranked first by a considerable margin, by keeping schools and businesses open while suffering a fairly low mortality rate. Meanwhile New Jersey, with Democrat Phil Murphy (bottom right) in the governor's office, ranked at the bottom of the list, performing dismally on the economy and lost in-person school days while suffering one of the worst mortality rates among the states, with 380 COVID deaths per 100,000 population, versus 253 in Utah.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wasted no time returning to the hunt for a luxury mansion after their previous real estate deal fell through and perhaps their next move will be into one of the most iconic properties in Southern California built by television mogul Aaron Spelling and wife Candy. The newly-engaged couple, 52 and 49, was spotted together at the massive property  on the market for a whopping $165million once called 'Spelling Manor' in the Los Angeles suburb of Holmby Hills - with famous residents including Kylie Jenner - on Tuesday as they continued their search for a new home. It comes just days after the multihyphenate shared news of their second engagement in her On the JLo newsletter written to her fans.

Anonymous leaks massive trove of Kremlin files and vows to continue hacking Russia until the country ends its 'aggression' against Ukraine

Anonymous has already launched a series of cyber attacks in retaliation for Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, including a data leak of Russian soldiers and takeovers of state-controlled TV. The group has now insisted that it will continue hacking and releasing confidential information until Russia withdraws its offensive. In a tweet, the hackers wrote: 'The hacking will continue until Russia stops their aggression.'

Britney Spears, 40, proudly shows off her 'small belly' after announcing pregnancy following the end of her 13-year conservatorship

Britney Spears showed off her 'small belly' after announcing her pregnancy with fiance Sam Asghari. The pop star, 40, put her midsection on display as she modeled an array of ab-baring outfits in video posted to her Instagram account on Tuesday. 'So I have to model my clothes now before I really start showing (pregnant woman emoji)…' she wrote in the caption. '… I had to do the flower on my neck like @sarahjessicaparker … I actually do have a small belly here but at least my pants fit… Well barely!!! Psss is anyone curious why I'm 4 sizes smaller by the door???'

Russian and UK researchers say speaking another language can help delay dementia by up to seven years and that the more fluent you are the sharper your mind as you age.

As with any celebration involving the union of two wealthy prominent families, Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz's $4million Palm Beach wedding was nothing short of a glamorous star-studded event, drawing numerous A-list stars and VIPs from across the globe. The young couple tied the knot in an early-evening ceremony on Saturday in front of a slew of celebrity guests including actress Eva Longoria, tennis legend Serena Williams and chef Gordon Ramsay.But can reveal the nuptials - which took place at the Peltz family's $103million Palm Beach estate - weren't exclusive to Hollywood's liberal elite. Conservative judge and TV personality Judge Jeanine Pirro was counted among the high-profile guests invited to the lavish celebration. The 70-year-old Fox News host can be seen in exclusive photos dressed in an elegant evening gown while enjoying cocktails and canapés at the reception. Pirro wore a slate, floor-length dress embellished with sequins and gems with a matching blueish gray shawl. She accessorized with silver drop earrings and styled her hair in a glam updo. Pirro, who divorced her husband Albert Pirro in 2013, was accompanied by her son Alexander Pirro (far right) at the event. The 33-year-old investment banker looked just as swanky, in a black tuxedo and black bow tie.

Kyron Keogh, co-founder of ROX Diamonds & Thrills, has assessed that the show-shopping pear-cut diamond pendant was possibly 15 carats in total

Haart, 50, starred in the popular Netflix series last year, which focused on her rise in the fashion industry after she left her strict religious household at age 42. Now, the mother-of-four has shared more intimate details on her journey through her newly released memoir, Brazen, which hit stands on Tuesday. In the book, Haart, who is the former CEO of Elite World Group, revealed she and an ex-boyfriend named Lucas once had sex in public at a popular tourist spot (pictured top right). She claimed they were sight seeing at the Trevi Fountain in Rome, when he 'reached under her skirt' and started to have sex, as 'throngs of people' stood nearby. She also claimed in the memoir that she was once date-raped at a luxurious Paris Fashion Week party. Haart (pictured right with her first husband before walking about from the Jewish faith) decided to leave her Haredi community - where 'women were to be rarely seen and never heard,' back in 2013 - after 42 years.

Walgreens is facing a lawsuit from the state of Florida for its alleged role in the opioid crisis. The state alleges it failed to keep the drugs out of the hands of people who illegally used them.

Dumpster diver, 31, who scavenges for food in the TRASH insists it's 'no different' to store-bought produce - revealing she's found everything from brie to FILET MIGNON and only has to spend $25 a week on groceries 

Filmmaker Theresa Kadish, 31, has been rifling through trash for over a decade. She started at age 19 when she moved into a collective house and, with her housemates, took home thousnads of dollars worth of juice from one business. Therea said she only spends about $25 per week on things like grains and oils, and the rest of her food comes from dumpsters and her farm. She finds fruits, vegetables, and meat, including steak. There have been run-ins with police, but she recalled one cop who was astonished to learn how much food was thrown out.

Situated in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan, the quaint townhouse gives prospective owners the chance to travel back in time. The home has been kept in almost its original form and has retained most of its early features since it was built between 1901 and 1903 by one of New York City's top socialites - more than a century ago. It is located on 35th street between Park and Lexington Avenue, and the building is 33-feet wide, 66-feet tall, and has 11,638-square-feet of space - making it  one of the largest single-family homes in all of New York City. Arranged over eight floors, the nine-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion also comes with a reception hall, three powder rooms, many living spaces, an entertainment room, a private courtyard, and a library. It also has multiple at-home bars, numerous fireplaces, a temperature-controlled wine cellar, and a fitness center with a sunken hot tub, sauna, massage room, and cold plunge pool.

The comet, called C/2014 UN271 (Bernardinelli-Bernstein), was first discovered back in 2010, but its size has only been confirmed today.

Engineers are putting the final touches on the probe, which is set to launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida, in August on its journey to a metal-rich asteroid of the same name.


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Amy Schumer is soon to be Montecito's newest A-list resident after snapping up a stunning ocean-view mansion in the ritzy seaside enclave for an eye-watering $12.5million. can exclusively reveal the 40-year-old comedian is currently in escrow on the dream property in the affluent town where neighbors include  Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. This will be the first home on the West Coast for the New York native, who currently owns a posh 3,000 square foot, $12.15million pad on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Is Pleasure the most shocking film of 2022? Swedish drama hitting US cinemas in May captures aspiring LA porn actress in VERY steamy threesomes, BDSM and full frontal nudity - and features real adult stars

SPOILERS: Swedish film Pleasure, which is set to be released cinemas in the UK this June, follows a young woman who moves from her small Swedish town to Los Angeles to become a porn star. The movie sees protagonist Bella, played by Sofia Kappel in her debut role. agree to filming increasingly extreme material including anal sex and bondage in order to make a name for herself in LA's porn industry.

Kim, 41, and her SNL star boyfriend Pete, 28, were seen leaving A.O.C. restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday, closely followed by Amazon founder Jeff, 58, and his girlfriend Lauren, 52 (seen inset). The Kardashians star and her beau looked incredibly cozy as they left the restaurant, with both sporting sunglasses despite the late hour. It is not the first time that billionaire businesswoman Kim and comedian Pete have dined with Jeff; the couple enjoyed dinner at the billionaire Amazon mogul's $175 million home in LA in January. Pete had also been due to jet into space onboard Jeff's Blue Origin flight last month before pulling out of the flight when it was rescheduled from March 23 to March 29.

Google said the PPG AFib algorithm, available within the Fitbit app, assess users' heart rhythms while they are sleeping, and alert them if they suffer from AFib.

The new skill has been launched in celebration of Earth Month, with the reforestation charity organizing tree planting in places it will do the most good around the world.

A sect of New Yorkers who hunt down discarded furniture on the city streets are making a fortune off of their finds, including a woman, Denise Gordon, 68, who once found and flipped a leather Eames lounge for $2,000 (similar to the above, right, chair). Bronwyn Tarboton, an actress who spends her free time restoring and reselling furniture she finds on the street, sold a pair of vintage folding chairs for $150 (above, left). And for a fee, Shelby Veazy's company Stoobing NYC will pick up, store, and deliver items that people have found and claimed on the sidewalk.

Ethel, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy, celebrated her 94th birthday on Monday. Daughters Kerry and Rory both shared well wishes on Instagram alongside family photos. Kerry shared several old photos from Ethel's childhood, as well as family photos with Kerry's three daughters, Cara, Mariah, and Michaela. Rory also shared a photo of her mother and herself from her childhood. Kerry and her daughters spent New Year's with Ethel in Hyannis Port.

President Joe Biden's sister Valerie Biden Owens said Democrats are more 'pro-life' than their Republican counterparts and they should have used that term for their abortion stance.

'Sickening' California YouTube couple is slammed for comparing abortion to the HOLOCAUST and branding it world's 'most deadly killer' in 'pro-love documentary' shared with 13 million followers

Cole and Savannah LaBrant, from California, have come under fire for contrasting the amount of people who got abortions to the amount of who were killed during the Holocaust. Titled 'Abortion. (Documentary),' the 38-minute video showed them discussing what they called the 'most deadly killer' in the world - abortion. The YouTube stars, from California, claimed they weren't 'pro-life' or 'pro-choice' in the new video, but insisted they were 'pro-love' instead. However Cole, 25, and Savannah, 29, sparked outrage after implying that abortion was more deadly than the Holocaust, while comparing the number of people who died in the genocide to the number of people who have had abortions. The couple, who have three kids, has racked up more than 13 million subscribers on their joint channel, where they typically post family-friendly content. They previously sparked fury for playing a prank on their daughter that made her cry and pretending they had to evacuate their home amid the California fires.

Experts are warning that pharma companies are using paid influencers to sell drugs to Americans. They say that pharma companies are using small following influencers to carry out DTC marketing.

A very modern fairytale! Florida woman who was targeted by a catfish using another man's photos reveals she's found love with the REAL guy in the pictures

A woman has revealed how she avoided a viscous catfishing scam and is now in a relationship with the real man whose photos were stolen to create the fake profile used to lure her.  Nicole Hayden, 38, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida first received a message from a man named Marcus on Instagram last year. At first, their conservations were light-hearted but the mother-of-two soon realised the account was fake and ended the flirtation and things turned sour. Appearing on This Morning today alongside her now boyfriend Alessandro Cinquini, Nicole explained that it 'started horribly' but is going well now.

Al-Saadi Gaddafi has been embroiled in a legal row with the luxury Hotel Excelsior in the Riviera resort of Rapallo for the last 15 years ever since he checked out after a six week stay without paying.

Pets need love, that's a given, but sometimes they take their need for attention a little too far. Owners from around the world have shared snaps of their furry friends being extra needy at inappropriate times. Left to right: A cat 'helping' with towel drying their owner' hair; a golden retriever with no boundaries, and four felines intent on staring down their owner in the bath.

Brazilian medics had to pull a 20cm metal dumbbell out of 54-year-old man's rectum after surgical tools failed to remove the stuck object which he had inserted for sexual pleasure.

The US offered the $5million (£3.8 million) reward for information that would lead to the 'financial destruction' of the Kinahan gang or the arrest and conviction of its leaders.

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Japanese reality show about children as young as two doing errands without their parents becomes a hit as it airs on Netflix - but would YOU let your toddler go shopping on their own? 

Netflix subscribers have taken to social media after Japanese series Old Enough became available to stream in the UK. The reality show follows children completing tasks in public on their own. One episode follows two-year-old Hiroki's visit to the supermarket (pictured), while other episodes focus on the children navigating public transport and doing errands for their parents. Many Twitter users claim they've been moved to tears, but others are skeptical if it's appropriate to have children as young as two in a reality show.

Molecular clouds, like the one that contained the building blocks that led to the Sun and planets, can remain in a state of peaceful equilibrium forever, if left alone. But a supernova shockwave hit.

In a newly-released memo, US Space Command officials have said that a rocky body that lit up the skies near Manus Island, Papua New Guinea in 2014 'was indeed an interstellar object'.

'This is the content I want!' The Bridgerton clan take TikTok by storm as they garner over 15million views with a Kesha lip sync rendition

They have become one of the most-loved fictional families since their television debut in December 2020. And the Bridgerton clan have been keeping their avid fans entertained with behind-the-scenes footage via social media, which has been met with utter joy. Florence Hunt, who plays Hyacinth, the eighth and youngest in the Bridgerton brood, took the reins for a lip-syncing TikTok and managed to convince her onscreen relatives to get on board.


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Bad parking is enough to make your blood boil. So it's easy to see why these people chose to handle the situation by leaving hilarious passive aggressive notes for the offending drivers in the hope they will learn their lesson. Social media users from around the world shared the very best examples in this gallery put together by trivia website Unpasted. They include a Grumpy Cat cartoon (right), a message in a snowy windscreen (top left) and business cards that were made especially for the occasion (bottom left).

Anna, 26, who lives in Chicago, Illinois, was married to Jake for four years before meeting her boyfriend Spencer, 28 and most recently, her girlfriend Ellie, 26. Anna sees herself as having three individual relationships, and her partners do not have physical or romantic relationshps with each other. Left to right: Jake, Spencer, Anna and Ellie. 'We are still very much in love, but, I have a whole lot of love to spare for other people as well,' Anna said (right, on her wedding day with Jake).



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